The Office of Financial Management is responsible for monitoring the County’s fiscal condition including preparing and administering the County’s budget, and managing the General Fund cash-flow. This office is responsible for the issuance of all County debt, such as bonds, leases, and the ongoing administration. 

  • Develops the County's Recommended Proposed and Final Budgets and modeling of multiyear budget outlook
  • Revenue projection and analysis
  • Monitors County's budget throughout the fiscal year and makes recommendations on midyear adjustments
  • Manages the County's General Fund cash-flow 
Public Finance
  • Oversees issuance of County debt for financing of cash-flow and capital facilities
  • Manages County's Fixed Asset Acquisition Fund for internal financing of equipment lease purchases and certain capital facilities projects

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for:

The overall management of the budget function, oversight and coordination of County financial and budget matters.